Fur Family Photos

Companion animals are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives and of our family history. For too long, photos of our non-human companions have been an afterthought.

Fur Family Photos creates lasting, memorable images of companion animals captured at their best and delivered with friendly, prompt service.

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Hugh Thomas Photography

Hugh Thomas Photography provides general photography services, including product, theatrical photography, schools, sports, and graduations.

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The GroupCalc Android App is a tool to help photographers who photograph groups of people. It provides three calculators:

  • Small Groups Calculator is used when photographing small groups of between 5 and 40 people, arranged in two or three rows
  • Big Groups Calculator which is used when photographing groups of up to 400 people in rows on tiered stands.
  • Keystone Calculator which is used when photographing a large groups of up to 9,999 people in an open area with the camera in an elevated position. For example whole school photos.
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The EXIFutils are a set of command line utilities that extract, add, remove, copy, and replace EXIF, IPTC, and XMP meta data in JPEG, TIFF, and other image file formats including proprietary Raw formats.

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